Payment options

Most on-line customers pay by PayPal. You may choose Sterling, Euros or US$. I strongly encourage collectors to use the 'gift' function in PayPal and thus avoid the 'dreaded' PayPal fees... If you prefer not to use the 'gift' function then I must ask you to add 4½% to compensate for the PayPal fees.


Sterling cheques or bank transfers in Sterling are welcome.


Bank transfers in Euros from a European bank are also welcome. Your bank may charge no fee (or a very small fee).


If you are paying by cash (for example, at a bourse) I always accept Euros, Sterling or US$, and sometimes other currencies.


For regular customers, payment is due within 7 days of receiving the shells. If it is your first time ordering, I will normally email you an invoice, to be paid before the shells are dispatched.